color color color!

photos via The Cool Hunter
Nikki Farquharson is a Scottish illustrator and graphic designer whose Mixed Media girls caught my eye! Of course they're all about COLOR! Their quirkiness is what makes them so fun! LOVEEE THEM!

a pop of color!

Photos via The Cool Hunter
French born Françoise Nielly's paintings are very expressive. Nielly uses oil based paint and knives to sculpt her masterpieces. Although most of the expressions on the portraits seem negative there's a sense of positivity because of the color palettes she uses.

I'm back...

Sorry I left you people hanging for awhile but I've been bouncing around the globe...


Bershka Racer Back Tank
Pull & Bear Stretch Skirt
Street bought hat (Firenze)
YSL Oversized Uptown Bag

I just got back from an amazing road trip in Europe. We flew into Milan then drove to Firenze then Lyon and finally Paris.
The picture above was at Piazza della Signora in Firenze. It was my first time in Firenze and I loveeeed it! The gelato, the shopping, the weather, the Roberto Cavalli Cafe, the whole experience was great! I love cities where it seems like everyone is on vacation even the locals. 
Bershka Racer Back Tank
Abercrombie & Fitch Crochet Vest
Zara Shorts
YSL Oversized Uptown Bag
Ray Bans
By the Duomo, Firenze. 
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arts and crafts

Via www.people.com
Rihanna, Alexis Bledel and Natalie Portman wearing dresses that look like arts and craft projects... I like my Forever 21 version from last year better.  

Forever 21 dress  worn as top
Forever 21 belt
Bershka faux denim stretch skirt 
Louis Vuitton ballerinas

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Anyone who's been to Damascus or lives here knows there's a serious excess of coffee shops...and did I mention they're always the same people at the same tables having the same conversations... or so I thought until I discovered Pages the antithesis of all these coffee shops. It's a cozy coffee shop nestled in a bustling corner of Shaalan close to the Four Seasons Hotel and Boulevard. They have all the lastest and greatest books in English for sale and funky decor on the walls that's also for sale.

P.S. Don't be fooled I still miss Starbucks. 

I was just showing the table at Pages some love :-)
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Some more of my artwork...

like my peace bomb?! :-) if only that was the real world

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Old Damascus

After living in Damascus, Syria for a year my favorite place in Syria is the old town. When native Syrians hear this the first thing they always say is "Of course, you're a foreigner." But anyone who appreciates art and culture would feel the same way. 
Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world but in my opinion all the charm is in the old town. I can spend hours wandering along the meandering alleys which also happen to be two way roads lined with shops on both sides (FYI those alley/roads aren't much wider than the average four door car.) 
The most common area in Old Damascus is the Souk Hamidiye which is full of "made in China" type things but most of them are made in Syria, along with typical syrian souvenirs, fabric shops, and tons of lingerie shops that are inundated with all kinds of crazy négligé! Yes, in syria! Panties and bras that fall when you clap, thongs with cell phone holders, bras with bird nests, tassels, feathers, zippers they've got it all! Apparently conservative Syria has the kinkiest lingerie and there's even a book about it--The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie. I think it's just WEIRD. 
My favorite area in old town is Medhat Basha and Bab Sharki. For the fashion and art inclined there is The Khan in Medhat Basha it is a luxury boutique, art gallery, cafe, old damascene house, handicraft shop, cultural destination all rolled up into well--The Khan...such a cool place! http://www.thekhan-sy.com/
For food in old town I like Naranj for a traditional meal or Pizza Reef for on-the-go thin crust Italian pizza. There's also a funky dimmed-light bar named After 7 that reminds me of a bar/coffee shop in Houston called Agora. (maybe that's why i like it ;-)) At After 7 you find a good mix of native syrians and foreign exchange students living in Syria to study Arabic. Apparently on Friday nights people gather at the little park in front of After 7 to play the guitar and sing. 
These are just a few of the many places to see and shop at in Old Damascus.

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Italia last winter

Digging through some pictures on my computer I found some shots from my trip to italy in winter... italia ti amo bacci!

Fontana di Trevi- Roma


Playing Around

Playing around at the park with my soon to be famous actress friend Mayra and her sister Jackie during a trip to Houston.
Me in the dress and Jackie

Me and Jackie 


Mayra the superstar :-)
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Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

I'm a huge fan of Giorgio Armani cosmetics...
I honestly don't know what I would do without the concealer #3, Maestro lash and the liquid liner marker. Oh yea, and the limited edition Aquamarine pallete I got awhile back could you please make that again Gio...grazie mille!
Photo by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott via www.fashionfame.com

On another note Megan Fox is the new face for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics... she does have that classic beauty look that Armani is known for. She's so flawless. Can't wait to see that!

P.S. I paint for fun

I also enjoy painting during my free time. These are a few of my paintings, they're all acrylic on canvas. Feel free to let me know if you love them or hate them :)

Who Am I?

Who am I? I'm a 23 year old college graduate- I studied Advertising and Global Business but my true passion is fashion and designing.. I'm originally Bolivian, Palestinian but was born and raised in Houston, TX. I married my soulmate last year and moved to Damascus, Syria. :-)

I've been making jewelry since I was 13 and started my own jewelry line 5 years ago. All my jewelry is statement jewelry and everything except what your used to. I'm now designing jewelry, bags, belts and clothing. I love and collect ROCKS, stones and gems. I'm addicted to green tea, i am obsessed with everything "green", my favorite color is green, my favorite foods are green, I try to live as "green" as possible.

Time to start my own...

After spending the past year or so devouring everything from cooking blogs to fashion blogs I've decided it's time to start my own. My blog will be a combination of my interests in life. It will be my own little way of telling the world how I really feel.